"Concern "Chocoladnitca" Co.Ltd

Our company is the official distributor of two confectionery factories:

  • "Concern "Chocoladnitca"Co.Ltd;
  • "Marmi" Confectionery factory" Co.Ltd.


The factory of the "Concern "Chocoladnitca"Co.Ltd was founded in 2003. Then, the enterprise was engaged only in production of glaze and chocolate masses. In 2008, the factory launched the first batch of chocolate sweets of the "assorted" type and chocolate bars of various kinds. Since 2013, the production segment of the factory has been expanded and the enterprise has launched its own production of confectionery fillings.

The factory of the "Marmi" confectionery factory" Co.Ltd was founded in 2010. The chewing marmalade production has become its specialization. "Marmi" confectionery factory" Co.Ltd is located in the same place as "Concern "Chocoladnitca"Co.Ltd, namely in the Domodedovsky district of the Moscow Region, not far from the Moscow-Don highway. This location makes both factories accessible to motor vehicles, which is convenient for suppliers and our customers.


Modern equipment and natural raw materials

Availability of modern Swiss and German equipment can be listed as an advantage of both factories. This is what makes it possible to ensure high quality of the products, as well as an opportunity to produce a wide range of sweets.

Currently the chocolate production segment continues to develop. New recipes are used, the second production line has been launched, enlarged warehousing and production facilities have appeared, new equipment for quality products packaging have been installed. The factories have significantly improved production designs, which are based solely on natural raw materials without colourings and artificial substitutes.

As a result, we can offer you a wide assortment portfolio, which includes a huge number of sorts of chocolate, chocolates (with and without fillings) and various kinds and forms of marmalade.

Thanks to our close cooperation with both factories, our customers can get much more than they see in our catalogue. We are ready to offer the implementation of unique ideas for the sweet corporate gifts creation and we also produce various products under customers’ own private labels (PL).