"Choсoladnitсa" confectionery factory

Have you been looking for a reliable supplier of chocolate products for a long time? Tired of seeing bored brands, which mask the lack of quality? Then, welcome to the website of the "Chocoladnitsa" Russian Confectionery Concern! Here, you can have a look at our prices, see the products we offer, and find out the business terms and conditions.

What are the benefits of the "Chocoladnitsa" confectionery factory? To highlight our distinctions, it is enough to list the main advantages:


• high quality of chocolate products starting from 2003;

• forward-looking and broad assortment;

• flexible pricing and wholesaling;

• competent use of marketing to create packages for our products.

Thus, relying upon this list you can scope out the benefits of contacting us when it comes to the wholesale purchase of quality chocolate, sweets or other chocolate products.

Products to fit every taste

It is enough to get acquainted with our assortment, provided in the catalogues on the website, to make sure: the "Chocoladnitsa" confectionery factory offers everything that a sweet tooth may only wish. We successfully manufacture bitter dark chocolate, milk chocolate, add various nuts to our products and ensure that the finished product will be delicious. And you may become one of those who have already appreciated the high quality of each chocolate bar sold by us.

With our help, wholesalers and distributors can provide their customers with a sufficient amount of sweets, by which they significantly increase their profit. Candy sets will always be in great demand on holidays, chocolate bars will find their own “sweet tooth” any day, and both adults and children will take a fancy for amazing Chokosaurs with stickers inside. Thus, cooperation with our concern will be profitable and successful, and you can appreciate it today already. It is enough to study our assortment and contact our specialists in any convenient way to make a test wholesale order.


Looking for delicious chocolate?

It is commonly known, that wholesale purchase can be useful not only in case of providing grocery stores with goods, but also for professional event organizers who always need sweets in large quantities. In second case, you can also address the "Chocoladnitsa" confectionery factory and buy everything you need at wholesale prices. It will be much cheaper than buying sweets and chocolates elsewhere, and at the same time, you can be sure of high quality of the purchased chocolate.

With the help of our factory, you can make a good impression on your customers and surprise them with your competence in choosing sweet. After all, it is our products that are suitable for lovers of all the variety of the chocolate products. You only need to find out the preferences of your regular customers, or buy several different types of chocolate in a full range—from bitter-sweet one to milk chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts. In case of wholesale purchase of products from our factory, we will assist you in buying sweets, if you have a lot of other organizational issues that you have to constantly deal with.